Tools for the Particle System

Hey everyone! I’ve been tinkering around the particle system adjusting stuff here and there. Needless to say it became quite a chore after a while when I need to compile everything just to see how the particles would look like. I decided to create a tool which allows me to adjust the particles using a user interface, and render the new settings on the spot. Below is a video of the new tool I created. I finally managed to improve the recoding quality but it is still far from stellar.

Some adjustments are in the pipeline to make this tool more useful. These include adding camera controls so that I can actually pan around and look at the particles from different angles, and importing 3D assets so that I can properly determine the scale of the particles. It will probably take me a few hours to get this done before I can proceed to the other areas that need improvement. Next I will be tackling terrain.

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