Phlyndir Basic AI and Combat

Hi Guys! Its been a fun adrenaline-filled week for me, simply because I was going to implement basic AI and Combat, both of which I consider very cool, features in Phlyndir. Needless to say I made some progress and I’m really excited to be sharing this with you. On the side I’ve also implemented a few other stuff, like attaching weapons, HP bars, and targeting. All of these you will see in the video below. Also, help up spread our work by liking and sharing. Enjoy!

One thought on “Phlyndir Basic AI and Combat

  1. im behind this game with 200% of my surppot. i cant wait for it to come out. I truely hope a great success for this game! Great detailing. The creator of this game is a true genious because he did this by himself.

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