Gear Up Game Review


To all robot lovers out there, i represent to you Gear Up’ a new vehicle combat arcade shooter with rockets, fire and a lots of explosions released this January 2015 on Steam PC and definitely not a created by Micheal Bay.

Anyways,lets discuss further more about this game . This game is similar to Robocraft except this game’s building mechanic is limited on the design phase which you can only design you mech with the given chassis and you just add up arsenals or change your movement mechanic, unlike Robocraft’s where you have the freedom to build your mech in anyway you want and creativity matters, if you know what i mean 😉 if you don’t you can look up weird and funny mech designs in Robocraft of “Creative” players.


Building your mech seems a little boring for me but the designs of parts really look nice

Today’s generation of new games looks more toonish or we could say toon-shaded games and i don’t know but its the current trend and it looks very nice and new, very refreshing to the eyes because most of it are like bubblegum paint job.


As i said there is bubblegum coat everywhere.

Okay lets talk about the combat system, and yes there is a lot of explosions but the game’s combat system are not that much far compared to Robocraft  or World of Tanks, what only differs here is you can stick to the walls like a spider and you good go like an undetected sniper or assault while you climb those walls, sounds fun right?. The hard part is you can get queued up on a match against experienced players as newbie and there you go getting destroyed like a tin can.


Forgot to mention you can fly, unintentionally.

Well that’s it folks, Now it is time for the game rating!

Game play: 7/10 (simple not much of a new mechanics, team oriented, strategy and skill based)

Graphics: 10/10 (Yes! Eye candy, bubblegum everywhere)

Sound Effects: 7/10 (explosions? not that much)

Environment: 7/10 (Game lobby, Ui, simplistic and maps are good enough)

Entertainment: 7/10 (customization well a little boring for me)

Playability: 8/10 (there is a little unfairness in queuing up against experienced players or high tier players)

Controls: 10/10 (controls are simple if you’re used to racing games and fire buttons as usual)

Overall rating: 8/10



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