Phlyndir Casting and Particle Effects

Hey everyone! Things have been pretty crazy over here with the holidays getting closer and me getting married and stuff, but, despite all the crazyness, I’ve managed to sneak in an update for Phlyndir. Enter casting and particle effects! Finally, from the particle planner released earlier, I’ve been successful at integrating it into Phlyndir. As the video below will show, the particle effects are invoked during casting, however, other applications for this are already under development, and some are, in fact, already working. Particle effects are a huge milestone for us, simply because it just brings the game to life, giving it that “wow” factor. If you like our work, please show your support by spreading the word, sharing and liking our videos and posts. Enjoy!

Phlyndir Nu’Kyoabe Concept Art Update

Here is a concept for a Nu’Kyoabe in a battle suit. The Nu’Kyoable have no affinity to magic, however, they more than make up for it through their advanced technology. Please help us spread our work by liking and sharing! Enjoy!

Nu'Kyoabe Doj'Gaveth

Phlyndir Ehrui Concept Art Update

Hey Everyone! Here is a concept for an Ehrui Hero-type Soldier. The Ehrui are well rounded allowing them to purse multiple disciplines, giving them more diverse tactics. Please help us spread our work by liking and sharing! Enjoy!

Ehrui Soldier