Phlyndir’s Weekly Update 4

Good day Hero,

We have successfully survived winter’s grasp..

We are slowly recovering from winters eve last moon of 2014.

We have focused our resources in visual concepts of characters

    • Merchant

    • Runesmith

    • Manus

    • Doj Gaveth

All preview can be see In our Facebook page! make sure to like and share

Goodspeed Hero,


Phlyndir’s Weekly Update 3

Good day heroes,

Winter is upon us and we must prepare for the darkest day and the coldest night.

We will be on winter break starting Dec. 21, 2014 to Jan. 4, 2015.

Good luck and hope we all survive this winter.

Happy Holidays,

Phlyndir’s Weekly Update 2

Good day Hero,

We have very exciting news about Phlyndir’s environment. We have been concentrating on environmental aesthetics this week and we are proud to say that we have manage to progress quite a lot this week. Here are the updates that was implemented.

Upgraded water texture

Additional weapon models

Point Lights added in dungeons 

Upgraded environmental particle effects

We will keep you posted every week!!

May the crabs of Leviathan be forever in your favor.

Phlyndir’s Weekly Update 1

Good day Hero,

We are happy to announce a weekly update!! We have been very busy developing new content for the game and here are some the few updates that were implemented this week.

Updated maps with new assets

  • New Models
  • New Terrain
  • New Special Assets

Added new monsters

  • Berserker
  • Warmonger
  • Mage
  • Footman
  • Sorcerer
  • Grunt

New bosses

NPC now have voice-over

Updated mini-map

  • Rotation
  • Colored Background
  • NPC Icons


Removed fast travel inside important dungeons

We will keep you posted every week!!

Godspeed Hero,

Phlyndir Title/Logo Update

Hello Everyone!

Its been a while since our last update, and, just to show you that we weren’t slacking off under a rock here is the redesigned title for Phlyndir! Don’t forget to like it AND us as Facebook and follow us on Tumblr and Twitter

Phlyndir Title Logo

Here’s a grunt. Sorry for taking so long to update.

Phlyndir Grunt


Still alive and kicking

Hi Everyone!

Its been some time since our last update and a lot of things have happened to the game and to the team. First of all we would like everyone to know that we are still here, alive and kicking, and still working on the game. With that out of the way, lets get to the more important question “What is going on?”. This is a rather huge question and I feel it will take a lot of writing and reading for me and you if i were to detail everything that has happened here. I will try to summarize as best i can so that things don’t drag and become painful.

Over the holidays, a lot of things happened to the team, there were a few misunderstandings here and there, some of us had children, inspiration was at an all time low towards the end of the year but eventually things pulled together earlier this year with the new build when all our works were finally put together and we realized that the game was making more progress that we though.

Talking about the new build, and moving to this topic as well, for the past few months we decided to implement a different approach towards level design and we really didn’t know what it looked like (except our game designer, of course) until everything was finally assembled and presented to the team. The improvements to performance was huge but more importantly the levels looked better overall; more coherent design and consistency was achievable to a certain extent (this is our first game after all).

Unfortunately I wont be able to show you guys the new stuff until later this month or early next month, when the rest of the assets come in and have been properly assembled and tested. Don’t be disappointed though, rather, be excited! We sure are!


Phlyndir Skills Update

Hey everyone!

We’ve just re-balanced some magic skills to better suit the fast-paced combat style of the game. Now, mage-types won’t feel left out during combat and can go spells-a-blazin! Check out the short video and let us know what you think!

We’ve also reworked the effects of some skills! Check out the screen shots below.

Phlyndir Fissure

Phlyndir Eruption

Phlyndir Crowdfunding Campaign Goes Live at IndieGoGo!!

Hey everyone!

We’ve just launched our crowdfunding campaign at indiegogo! If you can make a donation, we are really thankful! Please help us by spreading our campaign through your blogs and social media. You can also help us by submitting concept art to! We wish to make Phlyndir happen and hope that you will join us.

The link to the campaign is here.